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This Property Tax Impact Estimator will provide you the estimated tax impact based on 2011 data of expected property taxes due to the School Building Basic Renewal/Restoration and Safety Project Referendum to be included on the May 8, 2012, ballot.

To obtain the NET AV (Net Assessed Value) for your property, you must visit the Indiana Department of Local Government's assessed value database and then return to this form. Please follow the steps below.

If you need assistance, please call the Fort Wayne Community Schools Business Office at (260) 467-2000.

  • TO DETERMINE YOUR NET ASSESSED VALUATION click here and follow the instructions in step 2.
  • Select the following:
    • Tax Bill Year - select 2011
    • County - select ALLEN
    • Tax Payer Name - Insert Your Last Name only
    • Address - Enter your address (If complete address doesn't work, enter street name only)
    • Click on the Search button
    • Select your parcel by clicking Details
TO CALCULATE MULTIPLE PARCELS - You may combine all parcels into one calculation, by adding all Net Assessed Valuations together and then completing the calculation.
  • Record the following number:
  • Type your Net Assessed Valuation in the box and press Calculate.
    • Net AV: $Important! This must be your Net AV. For homeowners, Net AV is much lower than your market value. Make sure you search for Net AV and type in that number here.

    Expected Tax Rate Increase:$0.1050