Fort Wayne Community Schools English Language Learners

Fort Wayne Community Schools’ English Language Learners (ELL) program serves students who are learning English by providing English language development support in all of our schools. About 2,800 students participate in ELL programs. FWCS also provides interpreting and translation services in many languages for our families, which represent over 70 languages, and consistently adds interpreters for additional languages. You can view the English Language Learners Program (Brochure)

For more information, please contact the ELL department at 260-467-2105.

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1200 South Barr Street Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Identification of English Language Learners

See the Student & Family Support Services section for guidance on enrolling students in Fort Wayne Community Schools.

FWCS Home Language Survey [Spanish] [Burmese] [Arabic] [Bosnian] [Vietnamese] [Karen]

Students whose Home Language Surveys indicate that they speak or have in their background a language other than English are assessed with the WIDA Screener to determine their level of English proficiency:

Students at English proficiency levels 1.0-4.9 qualify for ELL services, which are provided in all FWCS schools.

ELL students’ level of English proficiency is assessed annually with the WIDA ACCESS Assessment. Students are reclassified as Fluent English Proficient when they reach an overall level of proficiency of 5.0 or higher. At that point, they exit the ELL program and are monitored for two years to ensure their success.

FWCS ELL Central Office Staff

The ELL central office staff is available to help with all aspects of the ELL program including initial assessment, assisting with appropriate school placement, instructional strategies and interpreting and translation services.

Director of ELL:

Emily Schwartz Keirns

ELL Department Secretary:

Sherri Humbert

ELL Instructional Coaches:

Juanita Hillyard, Sue Utterback, Gina White

ELL Resource Teachers:

Katie Otto, Jeanne Whetstone

ELL Data Trainer:

Theresa Reyes

Coordinator of Language Services:

Gonzalo Vivas Ortega

Spanish Language Interpreters:

Liz Baker, Gregory Cutchin, Beatriz Gonzalez, Emma Gutierrez, Ana Herman, Sanjuana Moreno-Muñoz, Janie Sanchez

Burmese Language Interpreters:

Pong Simon (+Mon), Kyaw Soe

ELL Program Goal

The goal of the ELL program is to support ELL students in attaining English language literacy (speaking, listening, reading and writing) so that they can become independent learners as they achieve academic success.